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Honda K20/K24/RX8 adapter

This adapter plate was designed to bolt a Honda k20/24 engine to an rx8 gearbox at the *mounting the engine upright in the engine bay* using as many of the engines standard parts as possible. It utilizes the engines original flywheel/ starter motor and clutch pressure plate. Along with a Mazda MX5 NC clutch friction plate. With this conversion there is a need to machine the bellhousing mating face down 10mm and machine the dowel holes back in the bellhousing face this ensures the input shaft engauges fully in the clutch splines. There will also be a need to machine the flywheel to take a roller bearing to support the gearbox input shaft.

In most cases it is possible to use the rx8 clutch arm slave cylinder and release bearing with very little work, but In some cases the clutch arm pivot point height might need adjusting to suit. We recomend mocking this up out of the car. The bolt pitch tapped in the adapter plate is M10x1.5mm


Tested in motorsport to ensure we offer the most reliable adapter plate on the market.


Adapter plates are normally in stock and are sent out next working day via a 48hour courier. If the item is out of stock there my be delays but we try our best to inform the customer as soon as we can if that is the case. Only for use in motorsport or closed circuit racing.

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